W+K+ SPACE presents Shadow Chen + KaXiaoXi

PrintW+K+ Space presents collage work《发酵·Fermentation》by Shadow Chen + Ka XiaoXi. Shadow took photos of pieces that Ka made, he then enlarged them, mirrored them, and rebuilt those images by heavily repeating each piece. The youth captured in the photos fermented in the rebuilding process, expressing how Ka and Shadow understand the meaning of youth. The finished collage also inspires the audiences to re-search, and re-define the meaning of youth to themselves.

The exhibition opens at 7:30 this March 15th, at 1035 Changle Lu (Near Wulumuqi Lu) until March 31st. Come check it out!

The full process of “Fermentation” was documented by Jess Zhou.

Check it out at https://vimeo.com/61770610

W+K+SPACE 新展览!《发酵·Fermentation》是由插画艺术家Shadow Chen和W+K+成员之一,Goooodie创始人咖小西共同创作的拼贴作品。Shadow把咖式影像放大、镜像、重塑以及大量重复,照片里记录的青春在这个过程中发酵,既是二位创作人对青春的各自诠释,整幅作品也在启发每一个观者,去重新寻找和理解属于自己的青春的含义。本周五(3月15日)晚7:30开幕,展览将持续至三月底。W+K+SPACE 位于长乐路1035号底楼,靠近乌鲁木齐路。

Jess Zou 用镜头纪录了《发酵·Fermentation》的全过程

video http://www.tudou.com/v/Qo-tLexNbAk/&resourceId=0_04_02_99&a…


Sometimes things need to be magnified, catalyzed, and fermented before they can be clearly seen. So it is with YOUTH. It is all at once crazy, reckless, and mighty, yet full of inspiration and desire. Noticed or not, youth is in fact quietly alive in every life, and no matter how old we grow, youth is – and always will be – fermenting inside us.

Youth can be seen as appetite, color, and spice. We all use different methods to seek it, understand it, and accept it. And although we end-up arriving at the same truth again and again, we feel closer to it each time we reach out for it.



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