Try Not to Get Vertigo: POV GoPro Footage of One World Trade Center Spire Being Raised


Of all the reasons why I could never be a construction worker—not strong enough, can’t consistently wake up at 5am, don’t know how to catcall—preeminent among them is my deathly fear of heights. It was terrifying to watch this video of construction workers hoisting the spire onto One World Trade Center (someone slapped a GoPro camera onto the thing). The crazy part is that at the end, you get to see a handful of guys jimmying the massive thing into place with what look like crowbars.

Warning: This video isn’t edited at all, it’s a continuous nine-minute shot of them hoisting the spire from the roof to the top of its supporting structure. Part of me wishes they’d fast-forwarded the video, though if they had I would’ve peed my pants or thrown up (probably both).



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