Designed by AJOTO | Country: United Kingdom | Kickstarter

“As a small team of 3 guys we’ve spent over a year and half developing every element of AJOTO and the Pen, finding the best manufacturers in the world to work with and refining each detail so it couldn’t be any other way. basically we wanted to create pen for the process of ‘Making Your Mark’ , something you’d be proud to own and will want to carry every day to capture your thoughts and ideas.”

“Working as design freelance packaging and product designers for companies such as Pearlfisher we know the importance of great packaging but also how to execute this. So we’ve worked with the best manufacturers and suppliers to achieve this with a completely bespoke and minimal packaging design. Everything from the branding to the engineering has been done in-house on our shoe string budget from freelance work, but we have spared no expense in pushing the boundaries of what is possible and only working with people who are passionate about creating great design.”

“From the beginning packaging was never and afterthought but an integral part of the overall design of our product experience. Focusing on key materials and simple details we have developed a completely new format for the Pen which has never been seen before, that not only looks great but reduces the overall footprint for shipping compared to the majority of other stationary brands.”

“All the paper is 100% FSC mixed sources GF smith Cool Grey stock, foil blocked in the UK by identity Print. Our cork tray is sustainably sourced directly from Amorim in Portugal and moulded using a completely innovative technique by 3D cork.”

“And finally the Aluminium extrusion is made with a custom die from our manufacturer in Cumbria and protected with a variety of anodised finishes by L&B Finishing in Brighton, then laser etched add the final details.”

Via Lovely Package http://lovelypackage.com/ajoto/

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Stranger & Stranger Christmas Playing Cards

Designed by Stranger & Stranger | Country: United Kingdom

“To celebrate the year we broke out of our alcohol comfort zone and designed premium olive oils, fine foods, luxury luggage, and just plain crazy new stuff, we teamed up with the amazing Dan & Dave to create this, our Ultimate Deck.”

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Bolshaya Pol’za

Designed by Fresh Chicken | Country: Russia

“Fresh Chicken agency developed a brand name, made a logo and designed a package for a flour brand  ”Bolshaya pol’za” (“A Great Sake”). The company produces healthy types of flour such as pea, corn, buckwheat and rice flours. This package design is based on infographics, which is rather a new idea to Russian customers. On the front side of the package one can see the list of flour recepies, and a measuring rule on the side helps to measure flour out. We intended to put across the idea of a great variety of healthy and delicious flour dishes. Many people would like to buy and use alternative types of flour instead of traditional ones. Simple and bright colors make it easy to find a specific type on store shelves. While designing the package, several different variants were closely examined. Classic paper package with its cost-effectiveness and utility got the best mark.”

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Student Work – Collin Cummings

Designed by Collin Cummings | Country: United States

“I fell in love with the idea of repackaging honey because of the timelessness of honey production. The process employed by honey bees hasn’t changed. To reference this highly industrial procedure, I chose a typographic direction that felt sterile. To counterbalance the type, I designed a few complicated and emergent patterns that hide behind the color of the honey when the bottle is full. As you use the product, the elegant patterns are revealed in a second layer as a homage to the beauty and timelessness of such a refined and perfected practice such as honey production.”

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Designed by Stockholm Design Lab | Country: Sweden

2012 Cannes Gold Lion winner.

“IKEA is a worldwide Swedish home furnishing company with 28 distribution centres and a global network of 267 stores attracting a total of 590 million visitors.

Stockholm Design Lab created a design and packaging concept when the company combined its various food and catering units under the IKEA brand. The aim of the Swedish Food Market is to enhance the Swedish identity of IKEA.”

“The range of products is aimed at attracting food lovers who are interested and curious about different food cultures and eating habits, particularly Swedish ones. The packaging should therefore provoke interest in the products as well as present the food in a clear, honest and appetizing way. The products should always express the key values: reliability, quality and Swedishness.”

Via Lovely Package http://lovelypackage.com/ikea/

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Student Work – Ron Keren

Designed by Ron Keren | Country: Israel

“A concept store specialising in the selling of sea food and guiding the customer through the step by step process; choosing a product from the broad range of exotic raw materials, appropriate handling and storage, through to ideal preparation techniques.

The packaging of the products has been custom designed to ensure that quality and freshness are maintained. Each package is accompanied with a general culinary explanation specific to the product it contains. Visual language techniques were employed throughout the project in the format of sea-food icons. The clean and clear lines provide the customer with an easy and informative pathway to connect with the culinary world under the sea.”

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Fire Fighter Vodka

Designed by Timur Salikhov | Country: Russia

“The task at hand was to create a striking visual concept for a vodka bottle. The brand name Fire Fighter, the bottle design, and the slogan “Use in case of party” were created by myself to serve a very clear purpose – people want to have this product.”

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Beckers Scotte

Designed by BVD | Country: Sweden

“Do you speak Scotte? A pro­fes­sional painter uses expres­sions like “Wall 7″ and “Car­pen­try 70″. We have brought their lan­guage into the design concept, mak­ing each and every pack­ag­ing easy to find and use.”

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C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey

Designed by Trevor Rogers | Country: United States

“C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey is a Prohibition Era style whiskey that holds true to the secrecy and mystery behind alcohol consumption during the Prohibition. This promotional packaging celebrates the tradition of American-made whiskey and the secrets kept to produce it in the 1920s.”

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