national stationery show 2012: sweet nothings

For me, cards are almost always about telling someone special that you care about them. I’ve gotten better at sending “just because” cards, but I always prefer to send something sweet. So for today’s National Stationery Show post, I wanted to share my favorite lovey-dovey cards. These would be perfect to tuck inside someone’s bag on the way to work or to celebrate a special occasion. No matter what the excuse, these are great to keep around your house just in case. xo, grace

Images above: Artisanal/canning culture inspires a sweet card from Alee and Press. Venn diagram card by Alee & Press, as well.

Image above: A sweet card from Belle & Union that makes this Southern girl’s heart happy.

Image above: Ghost Academy’s cards shot me like an arrow through the heart. I wanted every single one of them. They had a punky, Ghost World, riot grrrl quality that sent me straight back to middle school, in the best way possible. This one was my favorite.

Image above: Favorite sweet card of the show, hands down (by Gilah Press)

Image above: Hot stuff card by Shed Letterpress

More sweet stationery designs after the jump . . .


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crowded teeth: fancy stamp ring

I am an unabashed supporter of Kickstarter. It has introduced me to some of my favorite projects and continues allowing independent makers to fund their dreams, big and small. In the world of small (in terms of size) dreams, this awesome stamp ring from Michelle Romo at Crowded Teeth is a new favorite of mine. This project doesn’t need to be over thought — it’s an adorable ring with interchangeable stamps that you can use to leave notes on anything. I’ve never met a cute stamp I didn’t like, so this one is definitely going on my funding list. If you want to read more about the ring, click here to check it out. xo, grace

*PS: I’m recording two radio shows today, so I’m ending a little early this afternoon (12pm instead of 1pm). Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing our pictures and posts from this year’s ICFF and National Stationery Show.

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I’m having a moment with this lamp right now. I don’t know what it is about the shape, but it’s so appealing to me. It could be the love child of Niche Modern pendants and chunky wooden storage vessels. It would be pretty on a side table and perfect for casting a soft glow on a dining room credenza. No matter where you put it, this Boya lamp would be darn cute. Click here to check it out in more detail and place an order (via phone). xo, grace

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extase hand-carved stamps

This weekend I met up with two of my favorite friends to check out the MoCCA Festival (Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art) at the Armory. I’ve never been to a comic book festival, so I had fun taking it all in. During one of our booth chats I ended up discussing wood-block and linocut prints, and I was reminded of how much I wanted to get back into making stamps on my own. I took a stamping class at Lena Corwin’s years ago and really enjoyed carving into lino blocks over and over. So I was happy to see these cute hand-carved stamps from Extase on Etsy. Each is mounted on a piece of salvaged wood and comes in recycled packaging. As much as I love making my own stamps, having an option like this is great if you’re looking for something fun to decorate with and don’t want to break out a set of carving tools. The Extase shop has a ton of great options, which you can see and shop right here (prices range from $9–$13 each). xo, grace

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paint chip table runners

I’ve really got to let my love of graduated color changes go continue to flourish. I seriously can’t get enough of this right now. I used to fill my face with images of pattern upon pattern, but these days all I want to see is a good ombre or tonal color change. For some reason that subtle change from one end of a color to another is all the detail I need. Leif was carrying paint chip placemats for a while, but now they’ve added a table runner that I’m pretty sure would look perfect on our crazy pink office desk. And considering it doubles as a dining table for ten biz ladies every Friday, I think this might count as a business expense. Right? I’m hoping so, because my “buy” finger is getting pretty trigger-happy right now. If you need a little more color in your life, click here to check out and buy these colorful runners at Leif ($55 each). xo, grace

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molly hatch plate paintings

I’m always interested to see what artist Molly Hatch is working on. In addition to being the maker of my beloved morning coffee mug (thanks, Kristina), she is one of my favorite ceramics artists on the scene. Molly recently debuted a new series of “plate paintings” at SOFA NY that use source imagery from the MET in NYC and the MFA in Boston. Working with curators from the textile, print and drawing departments of each museum, Molly created a new project called “COVET” that takes classic art and reproduces it on a series of 25–30 ceramic dinner plates. I love seeing the artwork in this form — it’s such an interesting spin on the pieces we see in museums. Click here to check out more images from COVET and here to see more of Molly’s work online. xo, grace

Source material for the plate painting above, “Lost Arcadia” by Isaac de Moucheron (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY)

Source material for the plate painting above, “Versailles Orangerie Part III” by Jacques Rigaud (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA)

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Heather Braun-Dahl creates beautiful ceramics. I coveted some of her work at Anthropologie this year and was excited to see her newest work. I love the geometric detailing and the cute video Heather launched with the collection. It’s always nice to see the process and the person behind the work. Click here to check out Heather’s new work, here for her video and here to shop online. xo, grace

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ceramics by tuesday bassen

I’m a big Tuesday Bassen fan, not just because she gave my little rescue kitten an excellent home, but because her work always makes me smile. My cat Turk eats his food off one of Tuesday’s ceramic plates, so I was thrilled to see her new show with Buy Some Damn Art online this week. Tuesday gathered all of her ceramic pieces (dessert plates, coaster sets and sculpted faces), and they’re for sale for the next six weeks for $45–$70. I’m partial to the Delft blue plates, but they’re all pretty darn adorable. Click here to see the full collection and snap one up before they’re all gone. xo, grace

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new: slide sideways

Speaking of patterns, these new bags and pouches from Slide Sideways are so fun. I love the weaving-inspired pattern, especially in that peach colorway. The bags (big and small) range from $15 to $64, and you can check them out (including the sweet antique brass rivet detailing) right here on Etsy. xo, grace

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yeah no yeah

Typographic prints make me feel like dramatically throwing all the accessories off my countertops and embracing an uber-modern minimalist style. I never actually do it, but something about the simplicity of these bold alphabet prints lends itself to that clean look. These prints are from Hannah and the team at Yeah No Yeah in the UK and are screen-printed by hand as posters measuring approximately 16 x 20 inches. You can choose any letter of the alphabet online right here for $65. I’d love to see a blog have a contest where people send in pictures of the best wall spelling made with letter prints like these. I bet this community would have some pretty clever entries . . . xo, grace

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