Railroad company logos, 1845-2000

ItemTitle_ Railroad company logos, 1845-2000
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ItemAuthor_ Cory Doctorow
ItemPublished_ April 01, 2012 at 01:32AM

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Designer Christian Annas has assembled a gallery of “100 logos from American and Canadian railroad companies,” dating from 1845 to 2000. They show a microcosm of a century and a half’s worth of evolution in design sensibility, but they also show just how lovely and evocative many of the logos of these forgotten railroads once were.

Railroad company logo design evolution (via Kottke)

Sociopathic Superman comics

ItemTitle_ Sociopathic Superman comics
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ItemAuthor_ David Pescovitz
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Superman can be a real jerk! “Comics Showing Superman Crazy Sociopath WTF Funny(Happy Place)

UPDATE: Ah! Turns out, this is a dupe of Cory’s 2006 dupe of Mark’s 2005 post pointing us to Superdickery where it seems this gallery first appeared! A natural classic!

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