Etsy Finds: Dipped by Wind & Willow Home

Mother’s Day is coming! We told you about some 2Modern things that might tickle mom’s fancy (Gifts for Discerning & Modern Moms), but we’ve got our eyes peeled for other items out there mom might like. We’re feeling like she might really dig the finds in Etsy store Dipped, by Wind & Willow Home. Soft colors, functional yet beautiful items and affordable prices. Mom’s happy and you’re happy with these options.

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Copper Lamp

We can’t get enough of the copper trend happening right now.  It mixes so well with other materials and colors.  Copper and wood make for a fantastic team, as well as copper and stone.  Daniella Witte, a photographer and shop owner, created this copper floor lamp, which also is available for table top.  The simple design is unique and punchy.

This lamp is only available upon order.

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Raymond Lemstra’s Primative Robots

“In childhood, one encounters and experiences many things for the first time. Through curiosity and imagination, these moments are lifted to almost magical heights. As you get older, new impressions become more scarce and it’s a rare experience to be surprised by anything. I try to bring back the sense of wonder we remember from being a child, bridging the young and mature, by creating a contained fantasy world populated by my characters.”

We’re loving Raymond Lemstra’s drawings of characters. They’re at once primative and futuristic. Kind of like monsters, kind of like robots and kind of like tribal masks, they’re a mix of different things but altogether they create a look that is totally unique and one-of-a-kind. More on his website.

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Dwell’s “Tomorrow’s Design Stars”

Loving this new series by Dwell magazine: “Tomorrow’s Design Stars.” Based off of their “Young Designers” roundup in their May 2012 issue, they’ve gone more in-depth with some of the new designers out there who are creating amazing work and daring to push the boundaries in the design field. Some names that might seem familiar: Max Lipsey, Elisa Strozyk, Pia Wüstenberg and more. See their first part here.

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The JustK Project

Some homes you see create a sense of wonder and inspiration. This striking home was conceived with a passive energy system, sustainable building materials, and a limited budget. Designed by architects Björn Martenson, Sonja Nagel, and Jan Theissen of the architectural office known as AMUNT, the house was awarded the prestigious AR 2011 House award.

Everything about this home is light, airy and open. It sleeps a family of 6 comfortably and allows for a more simplistic way of living.

Images: Yatzer

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Daphna Laurens’ Clever Dutch Designs

Hey Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders, the 1980s called…and they told me they WISHED this was the kind of furniture that came out of that decade. Mixing traditional Dutch sensibilities with retro elements, the Daphna Laurens team is creating some pretty clever modern furniture and accessories.

Fanciful shapes mix with pure function to meld stunning style into modern furniture that at once seems familiar yet completely new. A recent collection of theirs, “Table Pieces” (Tafelstukken), combines oak and porcelain for amazing results.

More on their website.

Images: Mike Roelofs via Daphna Laurens

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Ridiculously Easy DIY Detail: Painted Legs!

You ready for it? You ready for the simplest, kind of silly, incredibly adorable detail to add to your home to make your place different than anyone else’s? To make it stand out in the quirkiest of ways? Really ready? Okay: Paint your furniture legs! Eep! If you’re graphically talented, go for a geometric pattern. Or perhaps use a stencil to create a design.

Or heck, even just some neon spray paint would be terribly interesting. Kind of related to the trend of dipping your furniture legs that we all went wild for last year, there’s something a little more intentional and purposeful about this DIY detail. Spotted on Morning by Foley.

What do you think about painting your furniture legs with a pattern? A cool idea and something you want to try? Or too silly for you?

Images: Morning by Foley

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Finnish Retreat


The angled lines of this little refuge are unmistakably dramatic and functional.  It is all about the outdoors with the emphasis on the terrace, while the triangular walls  protect the Villa Mecklin from the wind, provide some shade  and give privacy.


Villa Mecklin, designed by Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects,  is located in the Finnish archipelago taking advantage, as it should, of the view and the sun. It sits between rocks, its sheltered terrace extending over the summit, offering a visual connection with the shoreline.  There is a separate structure for the sauna.  The wood burning fire pit and the stove heated cabins provide warmth when the sun goes down and is not filling the house with warm light.
The building materials selected for Villa Mecklin are uncontrived, basic ones suited for the archipelago. All wood surfaces have been left untreated and will turn grey naturally.  The Villa was built in 2008. The floor area of the villa is appx 753 sq. feet with the sauna being appx 210 sq feet.


Have an infinitely modern day!

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Summer House by Judith Benzer Architektur

Maybe it’s the light. Maybe it’s just the great angles that the architectural photographer used in the shots. The Summer House by Judith Benzer Architektur located in Burgenland, Austria is simply stunning.

“The project Summer House in Southern Burgenland (Austria) describes a sharp-edged cubature which fits into its surroundings through its simplicity and homogeneous appearance.”

“In being used as a summer house, and by virtue of the installation of a wine cellar with production surfaces at a later date, the building’s design is oriented by the cubature of the Kellerstöckel (wine house) typical of the Southern Burgenland region.”

Love the liberal use of all the dark gray that mixed with the soft, blond wood walls, ceiling and floor. Love the “house” shape to the structure; it just feels like a “home.”

What do you think about this home? See more great examples of modern architecture in our Architecture + Interiors section.

Images: Architizer

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Good Find: In Haus Press

You and me. Let’s move to the mountains. Do you know how much I love you? You’ll never know, I bet. Oh In Haus Press. We love your style. You don’t have a ton of things up on your website yet, but we can’t wait to see what else you get up to, creatively speaking. And if you ever want to move to the mountains with us, we’re totally down. In Haus Press.

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