More of Calvin Ross Carl’s Geometric Paintings

We’ve already posted about this creative and artistic Portland-based dude before but we like him so much and he’s recently made some more stuff so why not post again? Why not? We say yes! And with summer’s heat here and all we can think about are big, beautiful, bold geometric shapes, Calvin Ross Carl art paints right into our heart’s summer soul. More on his website.

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Hot vs. Cool Modern Design

Blu Dot’s Copper Real Good Chair vs. Gus*’s Glacier End Table

Artemide’s Itis Table Lamp vs. Gus*’s Raquet Sports Graphic Pillows

Matthews Fan’s Duplo Dinamico Fan vs. AK47′s Zen Fire Pit

See your own hot and cool new modern designs in our What’s New section

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Photographer Adam Voorhes Explodes Things

Well, not really. Not with gunpowder or anything. But Adam Voorhes is quite internationally famous for his many shots of items that are deconstructed — -guns, Etch-a-Sketches, helmets and more — and shot in such a way that you get a view of an object like you’ve never seen before. An intimate, almost uncomfortable way of looking at an object, his exploded photographs have shown up in tons of important commercial work.

And that’s like, only one of the things he does. He’s so talented we honestly think we’ve never posted about him before because we’re so overwhelmed by the amazingness and huge amount of his work. So instead of overwhelming you today, we’re gonna post a quick video he made of just how he creates these amazing shots. Or at least how he exploded a Kawasaki bike.

Moto Explosion for ESPN from Adam Voorhes on Vimeo.

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Swedish Barn-like House for Sale

You bet it’s another home for sale in Sweden somewhere with sleek modern interiors that will make you furious that you probably can’t afford it. Though to be fair this one is only around 200k which isn’t really that bad considering how awesome this space is. Are you looking at those interior wood walls?

The outside seems to have a shou-sugi-ban finish, which we adore. Eco-friendly and dramatic.

What a small but powerful image! And set in such lovely natural surroundings.

Do you have $210,000 or so dollars? Then this place could be yours. From Fantastic Frank.

What do you think about the inside and outside of this wonderful home for sale? Would you buy it?!

Images: Fantastic Frank

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DIY Cloud Mobile

Before you don’t click on this because you think it’s a kid thing or something, consider who really needs the cheering up in your household. Don’t most kids seem to be bursting with the joy of life like, 24/7? It’s usually us grumpy grown-ups plodding through each day just trying to crack a smile. Well with this DIY project you won’t need to try, you’ll just naturally smile when you see it. Plump, plush, and customizable with your own choice of fabric or hanging element, you could make several of these cuties — and change them out depending on your mood or the mood you’d like. More on Petit Poulou and warning: the site is in French.

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Jason Middlebrook’s Version of Nature

It’s hard to improve upon nature itself. Full of wonders that even some human eyes have never touched, no one can doubt its extraordinary beauty. But, if there were an artist coming close to improving on nature — or at the very least creating a lovely alternative — it might be Jason Middlebrook. His simple graphic, geometric patterned paintings on stunning wood planks are like a meditation between art and nature. Truly stupendous work that we’d be honored to hang on a wall or lean in a corner. Can you imagine how lovely this would be in a modern home? More on Jason Middlebrook’s website.

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Geometric Jewelry: Fathom and Form

Really digging the geometric shapes and sharp angles of San Francisco-based jewelry studio Fathom and Form. For boys and girls and everything in between, we like the hints of tribal patterns and the sort of futuristic feel to their pieces. New pieces debuted this year in May, and we expect lots more cool designs from them in the future. See more of their work on the Fathom and Form website.

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Tanya Johnston’s Mysterious Illustrations

We like a little mystery in our art. We like when art has an enigmatic feel to it. Tanya Johnston’s illustrative work seems to embody quite a soft, subtle and dramatic world. Working for commercial clients, her illustration work seems much more than just a functional visual guide to something; her work seems to evoke a feeling of another world out there. With a color palette that seems to come straight from deep dusk, she combines landscapes with illustrated shapes and photographic images to create her work. More information on Tanya Johnston’s online portfolio.

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Tiny Modern Dreams: Leaf House

Does anyone else ever fantasize about running away to some remote yet gorgeous landscape with a teeny tiny modern home, small enough to pull with a truck? We can’t be the only one, which is why we occasionally drool over the website, Tiny House Listings. One day. In the mean time we can’t help but find inspiration in one tiny modern home posted yesterday called the Leaf House based out of Canada.

“Leaf House is inspired by the philosophy of the owner-built home, and a creative approach towards designing and building. They feature full amenities and they are insulated for severe winter climates. Leaf House uses Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) lumber, reclaimed materials, natural finishes, and ecologically friendly building products. Leaf House can also build carriage homes and fixed tiny houses, with a particular emphasis on natural building methods such as straw-clay, straw-bale, and timber-framing.” Oh yes, these are for SALE. More.

Could you live in something this tiny?! We’re curious.

Images: Lair Herbert

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Concrete biz cards, design details & more

There is awesome stuff going on around the world — being created and thought up as we sit here — all the time. Here are just a few things that caught our eye today, of the modern persuasion:

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