Pin Art by Philip Karlberg

瑞典摄影师 Philip Karlberg 利用1200根小木钉,依照人脸轮廓调整木钉的高低起伏,精心排列出一张张肖像图,最后再利用灯光制造出层次分明的光影效果。这组 Pin Art 系列作品花费了6天时间创作,所表现人物都是时尚界和娱乐圈的大牌,包括时尚设计师 、好莱坞男星Johnny Depp、John Belushi和Steve McQueen、传奇偶像Jackie Onassis、流行音乐天后Lady Gaga,摄影师还为每个人戴了一副时髦的太阳镜,实在是好玩。

Lady Gaga × YSL

Swedish photographer Philip Karlberg utilizes his whimsically artistic flavor of photography through his still-life pin sculptures for Plaza Magazine. Using the art of clever lighting and carefully arranged wooden pins, he was able to sculpt these transparent-like celebrities, each with their own pair of specs. It took him six days to shoot six faces using 1,200 sticks to create these famous sunglasses wearers.

Karl Lagerfeld × Dior Homme

John Belushi × Ray Ban

Jackie Onassis ×

Johnny Depp × Armani

Steve McQueen × McQ


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