It is the function of the artist to evoke the experience of surprised recognition: to show the viewer what he knows but does not know that he knows.

Works by Gottfried Helnwein
Title: William Burroughs, on Gottfried Helnwein


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C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey

Designed by Trevor Rogers | Country: United States

“C.T. Lockhart Tennessee Whiskey is a Prohibition Era style whiskey that holds true to the secrecy and mystery behind alcohol consumption during the Prohibition. This promotional packaging celebrates the tradition of American-made whiskey and the secrets kept to produce it in the 1920s.”

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Mateo & Bernabé

Designed by TSMGO | Country: Spain

“The task provided by the Project Management Team (TSMGO) to the Design Team (Estudio Moruba) was to create a visual poem that would give personality to each of the creations of Mateo & Bernabé with a graphical design both recognisable and full of meaning.

Each of the varieties of beer would have the personality of a saint (without the liturgy or religious components) to make them more personable. The characteristics of each variety would be seen more clearly and would tell the story of each Saint associated with the place of which he is patron, to invite the commemoration of the saint’s day.”

Graphically the use of numbers sets the product apart from the rest of Artisan beers and successfully transmits the sensation of an artisan product made with care and attention to detail. This is then reflected in its well-crafted production and the product cards.

There are three principal elements:

The name of the saint that defines the beer’s personality.

The number that defines the date of their commemoration and creates a collection of beer bottles.

The engraving that reinforces and underpins the story behind the beer.

The tone of the communication is always playful with its message: “Bendita cerveza” (Blessed beer) which has a double meaning as it wants to mineralize its religious component whilst also acknowledging it. ”

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Round-Up: Get Your Head in the Clouds!

Ever catch yourself daydreaming on a hot summer day while at work, just wondering when you might get to go play outside next? Or, enjoying a fun picnic in the sun or on the beach, ever looked up to spot shapes in those big fluffy white pillows floating in the sky? Secret: clouds look just as good hanging on your wall or adorning your tabletops as they do brightening up a blue sky! We’ve gathered an array of cute, whimsical, sleek and modern cloud designs, from our site and Etsy, for anyone feeling like they need some inspiration for a cloudy day!

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Havet Cabinet from Snickeriet

Havet is a cabinet made out of pine. The surface treatment resembles a stormy ocean at night and is created by combining traditional craftsmanship with an unconventional technique. The pattern is chiselled by hand using an angle grinder. Just like the waves on a windy sea, each cabinet created will be unique. At first, the furniture is built as a classic cabinet with right angles and with fittings, details and interiors in place. The carpenters then chisel out the distinctive pattern — a process requiring as much time as building the cabinet itself. The pattern is carved on all sides and across all external joints and fittings, creating a monolithic and sculptural gestalt.

Havet, by Karl-Johan Hjerling & Karin Wallenbeck, for Snickeriet

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More of Calvin Ross Carl’s Geometric Paintings

We’ve already posted about this creative and artistic Portland-based dude before but we like him so much and he’s recently made some more stuff so why not post again? Why not? We say yes! And with summer’s heat here and all we can think about are big, beautiful, bold geometric shapes, Calvin Ross Carl art paints right into our heart’s summer soul. More on his website.

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Hot vs. Cool Modern Design

Blu Dot’s Copper Real Good Chair vs. Gus*’s Glacier End Table

Artemide’s Itis Table Lamp vs. Gus*’s Raquet Sports Graphic Pillows

Matthews Fan’s Duplo Dinamico Fan vs. AK47′s Zen Fire Pit

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Brouwerij ‘t Ij IPA

Designed by Redthumb | Country: The Netherlands

“Inspired by a tour of US microbreweries, Amsterdam’s Brouwerij het IJ decided to create their own US-punk-style IPA. Branding studio Redthumb was given it’s shortest ever brief (simply “Tits, tattoos, and skulls”) and created a design with enough punch to match the full flavoured brew. The design picks up on the the brewery’s rebellious nature and is a homage to east coast streetart and artists such as Rebel 8. Hand drawn in-house at Redthumb, the label reflects Brouwerij het IJ’s reputation for producing beers full of character and tongue-in-cheek attitude.”

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innovarchi: balmain archive

a copper-clad roof canopy envelopes the interior living spaces, blocking views from the neighbors along the southern edge of the site and opens along the northern elevation to overlook the garden planted with native vegetation.

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