Filling in the Gaps: “Animal – Vegetable – Mineral” by Yaron Hirsch


Israeli designer Yaron Hirsch recently completed his second degree at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, and he’s pleased to present his undergraduate thesis project “Animal – Vegetable – Mineral” at the Bezalel Graduate Show starting next week. The three-piece collection is something like a cross between Hilla Shamia’s “wood casting” and Hooker & Co.’s beetle-infested table, with a ‘timely’ twist. While some species of the longhorned beetle family are considered to be pests, there’s no denying that there is a unique charm to caterpillars’ meandering paths through Eucalyptus branches. “After every life cycle, a beautiful web of holes and tunnels decorates the tree’s branches left behind by the caterpillars… In this project, the damage of the caterpillars to the tree is translated to functional and aesthetic elements.”



The name, then, refers to the beetle, the tree and the plaster that Hirsch has poured into the tunnels—the plaster actually serves to join the components of the stool and the floor lamp—an oblique nod to 20 Questions and the curious aesthetic he’s achived with the collection, which might invite as many queries. Thus, “the life of the tree, the caterpillars behavior and the filler material are all foundations in creating the group of objects.”


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Neon Folded Paper Scarves

Just adore the visual illusion created by these scarves by the Link Collective, on Etsy. A collaborative company of Japanese designs, we love that these soft textile scarves look like folded paper. No paper cuts here! Available in a classic and iconic black and white version, we’re pretty much melting over the neon blue and pink versions. Find your favorite here.

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savage chair made with discarded plastic objects by jae saejung oh

exploring the notion of ‘humanufactured’, the designer takes mass manufactured objects, amalgamating them and using jute to wrap them together creating seamless functional pieces of furniture.

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Mobile Dining Goes Upscale: Jon Darsky’s Big Bucks Deluxe Food Truck

0delpopolo03.jpg[photo by Eric Zepeda]

In America, food trucks used to be dingy, substandard affairs that rolled up to construction sites to feed cheap meals to day laborers. But nowadays they’re increasingly gourmand-targeted operations with Twitter followings, niche cuisine offerings and secret recipes.

While the food trucks’ on-board cuisines are different, the one thing they all have in common is their similarity of appearance; despite sporting different logos and colors, each truck is just a paint job away from being part of the Mister Softee fleet. No one has really stepped up the design of the trucks.

Until now, that is. Pizza maker Jon Darsky has started prowling the streets of San Francisco with what has to be the ultimate food truck to date: An M2 Freightliner truck hauling a converted 20-foot shipping container housing a freaking 5,000-pound brick pizza oven.

0delpopolo04.jpg[photo by Eric Zepeda]


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