Dzmitry Samal’s Concrete Watch: A City for Your Wrist


Stainless steel, ceramic, gold, titanium and plastic: these are the five materials that go into making the casing of nearly every watch on the planet, be it a Swatch, Rolex or Patek Philippe. A little repetitive, no?

Designer Dzmitry Samal evidently thought so and decided to break the mold, so to speak, by crafting a watch made from the same stuff that’s at the heart of our cities: concrete. Taking the urban theme one step further, Samal shaped the hands to resemble various tiny towers while also coupling the watch to a black rubber strap, imprinted on the inside with map-evocative pattern. Both case designs, one heptagonal and the other D-shaped, combine smooth outer edges with sharp geometric cuts and unusual symmetry that to achieve a rugged yet casual feel. And, unlike typical porous concrete, the watch wards off water to 5 ATM (50 meters), protecting the Swiss quartz chronograph movement that lies behind the sapphire crystal glass and concrete face.



With each of the 8 models limited to 100 or 150 production units, better move quick if you fancy strapping one to your wrist later this year (ships in November). Learn more at Dzmitry Samal’s website—starting at roughly $1200.




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Back in 1899-1901, French artists imagined what their nation might look like in another century. They tapped into their imaginations, drew their futuristic designs, then distributed them as paper cards enclosed in cigar boxes right around the time of the World’s Fair in Paris. The drawing above imagines the French classroom in the Year 2000. You can see an extensive collection of other designs– 23 images in total — at The Public Domain Review. H/T @WFMU

1899年至1901年间,法国艺术家对该国在下个世纪的图景进行了展望。他们充分地发挥想像,画下了颇具未来主义色彩的图案,然后,把他们装在雪茄盒里,在巴黎世博会期间将带有这些图案的卡片分发出去。上图中是想像中2000年法国的教室。在The Public Domain Review可以看到更多作品(总共23幅) 。

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Bikes Over All Motorshow 2012 San Diego: Sporter

Bikes Over All Motorshow 2012 San Diego: Sporter

Advertising Agency: DDB, Bogota, Colombia
Executive Creative Director: Rodrigo Dávila
Creative Director: Marco Muñoz
Art Directors: Oscar David Martínez, Oscar Mejía, Adrián Arroyave, Mauricio Cortés
Copywriters: Juan David Arboleda, Andrés Estrada
Photographer: Tato Gómez

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