K/LLER Collection

Beautifully tough jewelry by a Brooklyn-based design duo

Between the walls of an old nunnery in downtown Brooklyn work two designers who bonded over a shared interest in exploring the insides of things. Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller bring their line K/LLER Collection to live by tearing apart found materials and objects and deconstructing them to reveal the skeletal structure as a standalone aesthetic before reinterpreting it in their studio.


Their latest collection builds on that broken-down aesthetic to combine sturdy brass casting with delicate shapes like porcupine quills and petals, for a look that is at once androgynous yet surprisingly feminine.


The duo’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are infused with a tangible spirit of renewal that deGuzman and Miller want people to feel when they wear their pieces. After meeting at Parsons in 2000, they started K/LLER in 2010 to mark their own artistic reinvention, saying, “We both had just left unhappy jobs and wanted to start fresh. We knew that we had similar aesthetics and work ethics, and got excited with the idea of working together.” Hard work and trial-and-error culminated in the collection that now appears in countless editorials, as well as the models at Helmut Lang and the characters on the HBO series True Blood.


K/LLER’s latest line seamlessly combines sharp edges with fanciful, hand-engraved patterns. The strong character of the collection is clearly designed for those with a penchant for layering statement pieces over more subtle amulets for a look that is entirely unique.


When asked about their most recent collection, the pair says that they “experimented with burnouts of deerskin lace cast into metal, and got some stunning results. The new designs play with the contrast between soft and hard, round and angular, telling the story of the original objects we deconstructed without literally defining them.”


DeGuzman and Miller’s hammered-brass bangles and spiky rings emit an androgynous industrial vibe that reflects their desire to see K/LLER’s spirit of reinvention permeate as many scenes, styles and aesthetics as possible.


Check out K/LLER Collection’s new website to shop the line and learn more.

Collection images by Graham Hiemstra

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rene redzepi – a food portrait by golpeavisa

using a collection of flotsam and jetsam familiar to a contemporary dinner setting, the studio carefully arranges wine glasses, asparagus and a myriad of other foods to build a nutritiously accurate reproduction of the danish chef’s face.

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Fire Fighter Vodka

Designed by Timur Salikhov | Country: Russia

“The task at hand was to create a striking visual concept for a vodka bottle. The brand name Fire Fighter, the bottle design, and the slogan “Use in case of party” were created by myself to serve a very clear purpose – people want to have this product.”

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Need A Pick Me Up? Paint A Rainbow

Sometimes, when you’re feeling blue, all you need to change your mood is something to make you smile. Well, how’s this for a mood-booster:

Need A Pick Me Up? Paint A Rainbow

Netherlands-based artist Edward Deen (who has a very cool website) created a rainbow-making robot. Spotted over on Colossal, essentially, it’s a standard garden sprinkler but the heads contain paint arranged in a rainbow pattern. I’m pretty sure Jessi Arrington needs one of these.

Need A Pick Me Up? Paint A Rainbow

Watch it in action:

Unicorns and glitter not included.

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Jack Daniel’s: Craft

Jack Daniel's: Craft

Advertising Agency: ArnWorldwide, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Director: Wade Devers
Director of Global Marketing: Carmen D’Ascendis
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Travis Robertson
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Todd Mitchell, Greg Almeida
Producer: Ben Ouellette
Print Production: Jim Spadafora
Art Producer: Andrea Ricker
Project Manager: Kate Murphy
Business Affairs: Lisa Mercier
Account Services: Nate Stewart, Shannon Coletti
Photographer: Andrew Yates
Illustrator: Helms Workshop
Published: July 2012

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studio glithero: 120/7 rubia spectrum for kvadrat

the duo has taken vast lengths of kvadrat’s hallingdal 65 fabric using it as an experimental test strip to express the gradual coloration as a result of dip-dyeing it into the natural pigment known as rubia.

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Adelanto Backpack

A retro-inpsired rucksack from Vans’ California Collection


Perfect for a summer weekend away, the newly released Adelanto Backpack from Vans’ California Collection channels a well-loved vintage aesthetic that seems at home on the road. As a nice change of pace to the tech-driven bags we often encounter, this mid-sized top loader earns our thumbs up with an extremely basic 12oz canvas construction with few bells or whistles. While the worn-in retro vibe feeds on the pared down three pouch pocket design, we welcome the more era-relavant laptop sleeve strategically placed along the back panel.

And to further inspire your inner rubber tramp, the bag’s bottom comes with two compression straps to hold your sleeping bag or sleeping pad. Find the Adelanto Backpack ($120) along with the rest of the California Collection in store from DQM and other official Vans Cali dealers.

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