3D Printshow London – 20th-21st October

Universal Everything with Karsten Schmidt

Taking place on 20th-21st October this year, the 3D Printshow will be London’s first major 3D printing trade and consumer event. They will be hosting over 70 exhibitors, ranging from major manufacturers and software developers to design studios, architects and medical companies. Aim is to showcase the extraordinary range of applications 3D print technology has and demonstrate to the consumer how it will affect their lives in the future

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Light in a Glass Box


From Milan via Coroflot: the “Teka” OLED lamp, a sculptural lighting object “inspired by Vienna museum displays, first microscopes and scientific instruments in brass.” Industrial designer Alessandro Squatrito spent the eight months leading up to this year’s Salone working for Aldo Cibic and Tommaso Corà of Italy’s CibicWorkshop, the designers behind the piece and three others for the Wonderoled exhibition at the Triennale.



The 15 OLED discs—the “result of the latest advances in nanotechnology”—are arrayed on a brass chassis, set within an aquarium-like vitrine. It’s like a vaguely steampunk-y version of Humans Since 1982’s artier “Collection of Light” or People People’s Invisible Speaker, a design object that’s entirely at home in a museum setting.



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Mike Taron’s Folding Sawhorse Design


I absolutely hate my plastic sawhorses, but for my DIY needs and space-tight apartment living, the ability to fold flat is more important than a high weight capacity. If only I’d heard of this here product first, I could’ve had it both ways.

Mike Taron is an Arizona-based carpenter who grew frustrated at not being able to buy something he needed: “A lightweight, compact, folding sawhorse that I could take to and from jobsites.” As he explains,

At first, I assumed I would be able to find what I needed at the building supply or hardware stores. What I found was a heavy collapsible metal sawhorse, a clumsy sheet metal model, unsatisfactory sawhorse brackets, and many flimsy, plastic sawhorses. On one shopping trip a passing customer remarked, “If you’re looking for a good heavy duty sawhorse, don’t buy any of those.” I scoured the Internet in search of suitable options and still found nothing acceptable.

Taron set out to create what he needed, and after two-and-a-half years of tinkering he perfected his HideAHorse folding sawhorse design. Each weighs only seven pounds, yet has a 1,200 pound load capacity. When folded you can easily carry two in one hand. When stored they take up very little space, less than half a cubic foot each.


Taron’s got a patent pending and is selling the HideaHorse here.


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solar activated glow in the dark bicycle by pure fix cycles

the very first light activated glow in the dark bicycle frame series features a highly reflective, solar activated glow in the dark paint application for ultimate visibility during-night riding

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wooden toys portray modern nordic industrial icons by permafrost

the simple wooden toys, accented with details, respond to the question
posed by the curators – how has the nordic identity developed alongside the development of the rest of the world where there is a tendency of globalization to erase national and cultural differences?

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