Piaggio MP3, the number one brand in urban motorbike sales, proposes us their MP3 models, the only motorbikes in the market with 3 wheels.

The client wants us to show on a website all the characteristics that make of a MP3 motorbike an unforgettable experience, as well as helping the customers to set up a date with the closest distributor in their area.

That is how we developed EXPERIENCIAMP3.COM, a full “responsive” website in which one can experience the lifestyle o fan MP3 owner from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

At the same time we use Google Maps to calculate the exact geo-localization of the user and, through this, recommend him the closest distributor and arrange a date at one of their facilities or at the next Piaggio City Tour.


prensa 650x459 PIAGGIO / EXPERIENCIA MP3




Via Design You Trust – Design Blog and Community http://designyoutrust.com/2013/05/piaggio-experiencia-mp3/?u…

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makr shakr robotic bartender by MIT senseable lab + carlo ratti

the robotic bartending system allows users to create real-time personalized cocktail recipes using a smart phone app.

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Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing – Tutorial

Geometry, Textures & Shaders with Processing - Tutorial

From custom geometry to adding textures to 2D and 3D shapes, Amnon Owed shows you practical examples of a number of crucial building blocks for 2D/3D Processing projects.

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Sketchnotes of IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference 2013, by Stefani Bachetti


Reporting by Stefani Bachetti

The IIT Institute of Design held its annual Strategy Conference last week in downtown Chicago, a two-day event full of inspiring and interesting talks about using design thinking and innovation to solve complex issues. Socially conscious innovation was a common topic this year, from improving agricultural techniques in Africa to enabling University of Chicago students and professionals to collaboratively tackle major problems in healthcare, as well as revitalizing abandoned lands in Detroit with a community development and agriculture program.

Check out the sketchnotes below summarizing the ideas behind this year’s event. You’ll find synopses on speakers like Carl Bass with Autodesk, Catherine Casserly of Creative Commons, Stepan Pachikov, founder of Evernote, Bruce Nussbaum and Barry Schwartz from Swarthmore College, among others.

Click to view full-size images.

Carl Bass, President and CEO, Autodesk

Mark Tebbe, Operating Executive, Lake Capital / Stepan Pachikov, Founder, Evernote

Amory Lovins, Cofounder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute / Kim Erwin, Assistant Professor, IIT Institute of Design



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world’s tallest building, sky city will break ground next month in china

the developer made waves when they announced the world’s tallest building would be constructed in 90 days, but with a seven month new timeline, the building will break ground next month.

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Fabrican’t Hardly Wait: Manel Torres’ Long Road to Commercializing Spray-On Fabric


Fabrican is a sprayable fabric that actually contains fibers, and after curing it can be washed and re-worn. It first created an internet stir in 2006, but for reasons only the internet gods know, Fabrican is now resurfacing on social media and often being mistakenly presented as new.


Don’t get us wrong, Fabrican is amazing. But it is not new, and serves as a reminder of just how long it can take to bring a good idea to market, and how dogged inventors need to be. Manel Torres first conceived of Fabrican way back in 1995, when he was an RCA student studying fashion design, after watching a friend get sprayed with Silly String. Torres began to collaborate with chemical engineers, and by 2000 he’d filed a patent and set up R&D facilities at Imperial College London.


Three years later Torres formed Fabrican Ltd., and another three years went by before the blogosphere picked up on the stuff. Here in 2013, seven years later, there are still no announcements for commercialization; the “News” section of Fabrican’s website saw its last update in 2010.


Has Torres given up? Doesn’t look like it, as he’s delivered several Fabrican-based TED Talks as recently as last year. We can only speculate as to what’s preventing the appearance of Fabrican on store shelves, which is what we’d really like to see; while Torres is proposing industrial solutions targeted at the medical, automotive and fashion design industries, we think selling the stuff in cans and letting you guys figure out what to do with it would be a good way to go.


Hit the jump for some videos (one NSFW, if you work in Puritan America) showing the stuff in action.



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