NASA commissions surreal mars photographs by kahnselesnick

the artists adorned photo-mosaic panoramas provided to them by NASA of earlier expeditions from rovers ‘spirit’ and ‘opportunity’ with fantasy and imagination.

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DScan – Slit-Scanning for the iPhone

It is safe to say that everyone that has had a play with Processing or openFrameworks has at some point thought about creating a slit scanning app for the iPhone. It is one of those techniques that gets designers thinking about pixels and time together and is even included in Processing as one of the examples. Surprisingly, there has been only a few slit screening apps and most not so well executed. Now, please say hello to DScan by Dofl Y.H. Yun

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American Style Hamburger Restaurant Chain: Statue, 1

American Style Hamburger Restaurant Chain: Statue, 1

Poster campaign for a hamburger restaurant chain called American Style.

Advertising Agency: Brandenburg, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland
Creative Directors: Hrafn Gunnarsson, Gulli Adalsteinsson
Art Director: Hrafn Gunnarsson
Illustrator: Doddi
Published: August 2012

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alberto meda + paolo rizzatto: otto watt desk lamp

the minimal desk lamp uses advanced LEDs, where its optimal light quality can be regulated in both intensity and color temperature by a simple rotation of a diffuser, changing the output from cold to warm hues.
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The Clever Design of Two Small, Circular Plumbing Tools


Plumbing is not my forte, and this weekend I had a DIYsaster. I finally removed my bathroom sink, which looked like it had been caulked by a blind man, scraped both sink and wall clean with razor, then re-installed and re-caulked. While I was at it I swapped out the faucet too—but once everything was hooked back up, I discovered the shut-off valves for the water were shot. I’d probably overtightened them during the shut-off and cracked the seals.

To replace them you’ve gotta cut the old valves off at the pipes then re-install new valves, losing a couple inches of pipe, which I can spare. But the smallest pipe cutter I own is five inches long:


Problem is, the pipe to be cut is only two inches away from the wall. Not enough room to rotate the tool to make the cut.

I’m not the first to experience this problem, of course, and after researching I found some clever tool designer has already solved it by creating a single-handed pipe cutter. The AutoCut is one example, though a bunch of companies make them.


You snap the circular ring around the pipe and rotate it, causing the blades to close in with each turn. The compact shape means you can get it into the tightest of spaces, and they sell a ratcheting attachment if you need more leverage.


Once you’ve got the pipe cut, you need to clean the freshly-trimmed edge so you can get a good seal with the valve. This is another area where tight space is a problem; I’m not going to be able to do a sandpaper-strip shoeshine with such little wiggle room. To solve this problem, another tool designer developed this circular copper tubing brush:


Same idea as the first tool in that the round, compact form works well in a constricted area. Just slap it onto the end of the pipe and twist until it’s clean. The wire grid inside does the dirty work.


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shahira hammad: westbahnhof train station proposal

a proposal to envision a new train station that would either modify or replace the existing westbahnhof train station in austria’s capital city. by maintaining the original structure, the existing building becomes the foundation for spontaneous order and complex architecture. 
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