DAB: nineteenth century digital theatrical reproductions

the series of digitally manipulated graphic productions that reflect the nineteenth century theatrical playbills, medicinal advertisements, music sheets and secret societal symbology.
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Summer’s Perfect Party Setting

Set the tone for an evening of well designed drinks in a well designed space

Summer's Perfect Party Setting

Advertorial content: The most memorable summer nights involve good company and good drinks in a properly outfitted setting to match. To set the mood for winding up or down with Tanqueray, Cool Hunting has selected seven unique pieces for a convivial, comfortable and impeccably designed outdoor party to keep the…

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Camera Lovers, Forget Micro 4/3rds. Peep Crystal 2/3rds


I can’t decide what’s cooler-looking, the Nikon SLR skeletons we showed you earlier or these completely crystal Canons. An Illinois-based camera accessories manufacturer called Fotodiox has started producing and selling these 7D replicas, apparently for no reason other than that they can.


They’re 2/3rds the size of the real thing, and while Fotodiox claims they’re “100% Hand-craft [sic] with detailed carving,” I have a hard time believing these were made by human hands.


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digital parametric typography app in real-time by normals

the app simulates parametric typography in real-time, manipulating type kinetically allowing a user to manually change the size, kerning, letter spacing, offset and tilt in an interactive format.

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