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Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Executive Creative Director: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Creative Director: Helmut Meyer
Copywriter: Lothar Mueller
Art Directors: Till Schaffarczyk, Christian Kuzman
Photographer: Norman Konrad, Stockphotos
Art Buyer: Magdalena Ignatowski
Account Supervisor: Michael Fucks
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Dr. Joachim Donnerstag, Markus Ruppe
Retouching: Paul Schäfer / E-N-D-I-S-T

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Morpholio 2.0 App Launches with New Tools for Presentation, Collaboration and Critique


It’s been just over seven months to the day since the Morpholio Project debuted their Trace app to much acclaim. By January of this year, they had added several new tools for designers beyond the original audience of architects, and now, just a few months later, they’re pleased to announce a suite of new tools that constitute a major release. “The App Store’s number one portfolio app re-imagines the portfolio as a design utility, moving it into the fast, flexible, at-your-fingertips device era. The project seeks to advance the ways that creatives access, share, discuss, and get feedback on their work from a global community of users.”



By combining production and presentation software with web-enabled tools for sharing and critique, the app offers a fully-integrated platform for production and collaboration. To hear Morpholio’s Anna Kenoff tell it, “Aside from making design production easier, we wanted to know if better tools could make it smarter by integrating the wisdom of crowds and capitalizing on the power of the touchscreen to capture feedback.”

To achieve this, Morpholio had to become very sophisticated about all the ways that designers communicate—not just through language, but most importantly through their eyes and hands. Over the past year, the team of architects and programmers has collaborated with experts from various disciplines to build a robust design-centric workspace that could be used by anyone—from fashion designers to photographers, architects and automotive designers, even tattoo artists. It builds on research into human-computer-interaction to deliver innovations like a tool for image analytics called “EyeTime” and virtual “Crits” where collaborators can share images, and comment on each other’s work via notes or sketches. Human behavior data-mining is essential to offering these forms of powerful feedback, letting you know how your followers are interacting with your work.





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technogym: formula 1 training machine

the system allows athletes to train in realistic racing conditions by reproducing the high-impact stress imposed on the arms and neck inside the cockpit.

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Student Work – Charlie Bailey

Designed by Charlie Bailey | Country: United States

“I redesigned Moritz Beer’s branding and labels for my packaging class at the University of Akron. I wanted to create a seasonal beer that could be enjoyed during the summer months.”

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