OFFF Barcelona 2011 “Year Zero”

year zero contact

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”
—Arthur C. Clarke

Riot police patrol the streets. An infection spreads. Unrest reigns. The malformed offspring of a broken generation roam in gangs.

Mischa Rozema and Si Scott’s nightmarish vision of the future gives the audience glimpses of contextual information to tie together a loose narrative. Simultaneously, it is a find-’em game with the credits for the festival participants embedded into the surroundings: on a cassette ejected from an exploding vehicle, sitting atop a dinette, even tattooed under the fingernails of a torture victim.

The power of concealment is evident as repeated viewings are rewarded with startling new details, showcasing unique ways of presenting information. That which is left to the imagination is often more frightening than what is shown and this concept is utilized masterfully in director Mischa Rozema and writer Si Scott’s dystopian titles for the 2011 OFFF festival.

A discussion with director Mischa Rozema, executive producer Ania Markham and CG supervisor Ivor Goldberg of PostPanic.

Art of the Title: Tell us about the conceptual stage. Did you have tons of ideas you wanted to work through? How did you whittle them down?

Mischa Rozema: The project started out as a collaboration between myself and Si Scott. Right from the start, we decided that it should be the darkest thing we could make. I think it just felt natural to the both of us; if we had to nail the future, it would not be a nice place. To get started, we made a collection of 50 ideas that would scare me and Si and the list just kept on growing! Sometimes the ideas were completely worked out and sometimes they were starting points for a scene or micro-story. So we had the list to work with and the desired props but I also wanted to leave plenty of room for improvisation – working with people, situations, or locations we bumped into…

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