Spectacular Gravity-Defying Elephant Sculpture

danielfirmannasutamanus1 Spectacular Gravity Defying Elephant Sculpture
This elephant, created by French artist Daniel Firman, appears to have suctioned its trunk to a wall adjacent to the floor. The remarkable result is this enormous animal seemingly hovering over the ground. That’s one strong trunk!

danielfirmannasutamanus2 Spectacular Gravity Defying Elephant Sculpture
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david letellier: versus – a kinetic sound sculpture

the moving, audio-responsive work is comprised of two fan-like sculptures situated across a small room from one another– the reverberations of their emitted tones move the other in a ceaseless loop.

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hand-stitched portraits by evelin kasikov

the series of hand-sewn pictures are developed in identical dimensions stitched onto thick, white paper with cotton thread and an embroidery needle, decorating the page in a vibrant color palate picturing the sitter’s likeliness.

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conjoined porcelain plates picturing dutch landscapes by maxime ansiau

the surrealistic tableware collection re-imagines dutch landscape painting as each of the pieces are formed from several conjoined plates depicting a decorative theme typical to the netherlands, however, with repetition and elongation of familiar forms, the classic style becomes new.

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The Bike-Owner’s Handbook

A small but mighty companion for two-wheeled maintenance


While biking vets are likely to know a gear set like the back of their hand, others are probably flummoxed when it comes to simple maintenance issues like a punctured tire or a stretched brake cable. “The Bike-Owner’s Handbook” is a cleverly designed, travel-sized folio that guides bikers through the most common operations they will encounter on the road. Simple illustrations and anatomical breakdowns serve to familiarize the uninitiated in processes like tire replacement, chain tension adjustment and bar tape wrapping.


Peter Drinkell wrote the book with empathy for the neophyte. While he is a fairly accomplished tinkerer, he notes the “finickiness” of bicycles as something that often perplexes riders. The goal of the pocket companion is not so much to make you a two-wheeled savant as it is to improve the riding experience: “Once you get in tune with your bike, it will change the way you cycle. You’ll be able to treat it with kindness—checking tire pressure, brakes and chain regularly, keeping it running smoothly, and rewarding you with a much more enjoyable ride. You might also find yourself noting your environment a little more closely—keeping an eye out for glass or grit on the roads, carefully avoiding potholes and rocky surfaces.”


Drinkell’s recommendations expose the essential tools of a bike owner, ensuring that readers will have a patch and sandpaper on hand the next time they run a flat. The book also saves valuable time, replacing trips to the repair shop with do-it-yourself chain lubrication and brake pad replacement. Drinkell’s simple advice and the book’s straightforward layout make this a real boon as dusty wheels come out of winter storage.

The Bike-Owner’s Handbook is available from Cicada and on Amazon. See more images of the book in our slideshow.

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SCALE at Noho Design District

A Cool Hunting, Architizer and Dwell collaboration celebrating the newest in architectural design

For this year’s Noho Design District, part of New York’s Design Week, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Architizer and Dwell to present SCALE, a collection of objects and prototypes that explore the relationship of furniture and architecture.


Architects have been known to use furniture as a prototyping method for their creations and with this as our starting point we’ve collected works from architects and designers—some at the top of their game, others just starting out—including Snarkitecture, Bec Brittain, Katie Stout, Seth Keller, Studio DROR, Kiel Mead, Thaddeus Wolfe and more. From Jason Payne’s “Disco Ball” for Hirsuta to the process-driven “Sprue” candelabras by Fort Standard, we think the final collection captures some of the most interesting intersections of architecture and design today.


Friday 18 – Sunday 21 May 2012
12 Noon to 7:00 p.m. daily
The Standard East Village

And don’t forget to stop by the accompanying Sonos Listening Library while you’re there.

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This collection is actually a way to unburden, the pieces reflect one year
of frustrations regarding the furniture industries in Brazil. Frustration
with the small industries by the lack of commitment and quality and with
the big ones by the lack of incentive and investment in new products
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