Kroll Show (2013)

Kroll Show

“Show a little more very much respect to this beautiful creature here.” — Bobby Bottleservice

A rapid-fire postmodernist piss-take, the brief but striking main titles for Kroll Show are as much a mission statement for actor Nick Kroll’s sketch comedy show as they are a checklist of pop cultural touchstones. In dozens of dubstepping blasts, TGIF broadcasting, famous landmarks, reality television, blockbuster cinema, advertising, junk food, and corporate America are all roasted in a pithy cavalcade of Kroll-ified logos, brands, and signage. Full of fine print easter eggs for pause-pressers, the sequence strobes at the audience and ends before they know what hit them.

Jonathan Krisel, Kroll Show series director and executive producer, describes the process behind the sequence:

I am a big fan of title design and wanted to create something that was short and sweet – and in no way resembled a television show’s titles. We use a lot of title sequences within the show, so to do another intro for the show itself seemed redundant. I just wanted a blast of energy to launch it. I had recently watched Enter the Void and of course was blown away by the titles. Apparently a lot of people were, because I found pretty quickly that Kanye and numerous others had aped the exact look…

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