Design Behind Desire

ItemTitle_ Design Behind Desire
ItemAuthor_ Shall Zou
ItemPublished_ February 22, 2012 at 12:52PM

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众所周知,设计向来就与社会、历史等因素密不可分,绝非浅薄空洞之物。而在众多对其产生影响的因素中,原始欲望绝对是不容忽视的一笔,这一本 Design Behind Desire 《设计背后的欲望》就试图还原和解释设计与欲望之间的关系。书中收录了一系列与原始欲望相关的设计作品,每一件都美得令人窒息、令人印象深刻,书中在解释欲望如何影响设计,设计又如何撩拨身体的欲望的同时,向读者展示了将身体和思想串联起来的理想状态。

© Justin Borbely for Fleet Ilya

翻开这本 Design Behind Desire,你会发现各种让人心跳加速的情趣胸衣、高跟、面罩,以及催情玩具,很多摄影作品都出自摄影名师,比如Ilaria Orsini、Nadya Lev、Justin Borbely、Diego Indraccolo等,绝对值得珍藏。这本图书由纽约 Farameh Media 出版,共368页,售价95美金,你可以前往Amazon.com购买。

Published by by Farameh Media, Design Behind Desire is a beautifully conceived work of art about wanting, longing, yearning, generating and fulfilling of a highly sexual and erotic nature and, as an entity within itself, becomes an object of desire as each sensuously laden page is turned. Many of the striking objects that are depicted are quite dark, some bondage inspired, some surreal, others delicate. There are voluptuous pieces and there are eccentric ones, but never the less brilliant creations. All are united in the strength of their vision, conceptual depth and a high degree of craftsmanship with desire and sexuality at their core.

Traversing the pages of Design Behind Desire the heat rises as you explore desire through the three chapters and phases; Generating, Contemplating and Fulfilling. Hidden within Fulfilling desire, you also discover the Cabinet of Desire; a beautifully photographed volume immersed.

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