The Times of India: Farmer’s Suicides, 3

Advertising Agency: Taproot, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officers / Executive Creative Directors / Creative Directors: Santosh Padhi, Agnello Dias
Copywriters: Pallavi Chakravarti, Santosh Padhi
Art Directors: Santosh Padhi, Anant Nanavare
Photographers: Amol Jadhav, Loknath Panigrahi
Illustrator: Anant Nanavare

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apple-1 in first bytes: iconic technology from the twentieth century

hand-built in steve jobs’s parents’ garage, the apple-1 was the first step in apple’s long-term success in the personal computing world.

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Bottle Design Brain Melter: The Handle is the Spout, the Opening is on the Bottom, the Inside and the Outside Are the Same Surface


That there is the Klein Bottle, first conceived of in 1882 by German mathematician Felix Klein. Klein’s “non-orientable surface,” as it’s called in the math community, is like a Möbius strip in that you cannot distinguish inside from outside; follow it with your eyes and you’ll see one turns into the other, which makes me very, very uncomfortable.


I’m told that the Klein Bottle is, in essence, two Möbius strips connected together. I’d like to start sketching that to work out how it goes together, but I can’t because I’m too stupid.




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Inspired by the demonstrations happening now in turkey and all over the world


the reality we inhabit is a projection of our own consciousness that has one source.
we are forced to experience the illusion of separateness.

all forms of conflict are essentially two seemingly separate forces trying to express their love for each other, however our identification with our own egos get in the way. creative conflict is seeing yourself in the opponent and the realization that there is no other self.

tear gas, brutality, violence or injustice don’t make this interaction any easier yet they still do not take away from the universal truth of oneness that each of us are a part of.

the expression of Love is one of the greatest mysteries and it manifests in a myriad of phenomena. Love is incredible, love is crazy, love is pain, and… Love is a Riot.

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