Bottle Design Brain Melter: The Handle is the Spout, the Opening is on the Bottom, the Inside and the Outside Are the Same Surface


That there is the Klein Bottle, first conceived of in 1882 by German mathematician Felix Klein. Klein’s “non-orientable surface,” as it’s called in the math community, is like a Möbius strip in that you cannot distinguish inside from outside; follow it with your eyes and you’ll see one turns into the other, which makes me very, very uncomfortable.


I’m told that the Klein Bottle is, in essence, two Möbius strips connected together. I’d like to start sketching that to work out how it goes together, but I can’t because I’m too stupid.




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13 thoughts on “Bottle Design Brain Melter: The Handle is the Spout, the Opening is on the Bottom, the Inside and the Outside Are the Same Surface

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